Paid Feature

A breakpoint rule pauses flows before the request being sent to the server, and/or the response being sent to the client, depending on the options. It gives the user a chance to manually edit the content of requests and responses.

Flows that are paused by a breakpoint rule:

  • are marked with a “pause” icon in the flow list.
  • have an action bar when selected.
  • are categorized in the “On Breakpoint” item in the side bar.

What Can Be Edited

on Requests

  • Method
  • URL
  • Request Headers
  • Request Body in the “Text” viewer
  • Request Body in the “Hex” viewer
  • Request Body in the “Form” viewer

on Responses

  • Status Code
  • Response Headers
  • Response Body in the “Text” viewer
  • Response Body in the “Hex” viewer

The JSON Viewer is not available for editing

To edit JSON, use the “Text” viewer. Its format button on the bottom left corner might help.

Aborting Connection

Besides editing and proceeding the flow, you can also click the “Abort” button to let Proxie brutally abort the connection.