HTTP Debugging Proxy

Requires macOS 10.13+

Proxie Screenshot

Native macOS App

Built with native macOS technologies, Proxie launches in a snap and has an interface that makes you feel like home.

HTTPS Decryption

Proxie is able to decrypt and reveal HTTPS traffic by man-in-the-middle interception.

Rules Paid Feature

By creating rules you can manipulate requests/responses on the fly, pause and edit them by hands, or even execute JS scripts on them.

Exclusively Built for macOS

Proxie is built as a native app at every bit. It was not easy but we did it anyway because we care about your user experience, productivity, RAM usage and battery life.

Native App

Comprehensive Filtering System

Finding information in tons of requests could be hard. Proxie tries to make it as convenient as possible by providing multiple filtering mechanisms: quick search, url hierarchy, customizable user filters.

Learn more about user filters...

Filtering System

Rules Paid Feature

Rules manipulate traffic on the fly. Basic rules for common tasks such as Map Local, Anticache are intuitive to configure. And if you want more customizable behaviors, just create a Scripting rule and write some JavaScript.

Learn more about rules...


Requires macOS 10.13+